Personal Musings and Writings of David Ellis

Uber and UberX a Travelers Perspective

If your anything like me, you’ve probably only heard of a new ride sharing service called Uber from their exposure to irate European taxi drivers. It seems like every time I open the BBC newsreader app there is an article about a strike in London, Paris or New York by taxi drivers in protest of … Continue reading “Uber and UberX a Travelers Perspective”

How to get the those amazing iPhone 5s Photos

The iPhone 5s is a lovely piece of kit, and is generally very easy to use. One area of functionality I get a lot of questions about is the photo taking capabilities of the phone. You’ve probably seen those lovely photos of people jumping off a dock where they seem to hover over the water? … Continue reading “How to get the those amazing iPhone 5s Photos”

Todays Geeky Gadget – Mac OSX Server 10.5.7

I’ve been running a home server for about 8 years, almost since the day I first learned what a Public IP was, and how it could be used to share information. I’ve experimented with several different Operating Systems and hosts for my various web services: Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Solaris on … Continue reading “Todays Geeky Gadget – Mac OSX Server 10.5.7”

So You Want People to Work from Home?

Having worked in both large and small corporate environments I’m always amazed at how badly some organizations adapt to workers working from home for extended periods. The purpose of this post is to offer some little things organizations can do to adapt to remote workers – hopefully reducing costs and improving the employee experience. The … Continue reading “So You Want People to Work from Home?”

Todays Geeky Gadget – Sony eReader

If you’ve watched the technology news, or read the technology section of your newspaper at any time in the last month you’ve probably heard of the Kindle 2 by Amazon. The Kindle, and its successor are electronic readers that utilize a high contrast/low power screen technology called eInk. My interest in eReader technology dates back … Continue reading “Todays Geeky Gadget – Sony eReader”