Uber and UberX a Travelers Perspective

If your anything like me, you’ve probably only heard of a new ride sharing service called Uber from their exposure to irate European taxi drivers. It seems like every time I open the BBC newsreader app there is an article about a strike in London, Paris or New York by taxi drivers in protest of … Continue reading “Uber and UberX a Travelers Perspective”

Todays Geeky Gadget – Mac OSX Server 10.5.7

I’ve been running a home server for about 8 years, almost since the day I first learned what a Public IP was, and how it could be used to share information. I’ve experimented with several different Operating Systems and hosts for my various web services: Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Solaris on … Continue reading “Todays Geeky Gadget – Mac OSX Server 10.5.7”

Todays Geeky Gadget – Sony eReader

If you’ve watched the technology news, or read the technology section of your newspaper at any time in the last month you’ve probably heard of the Kindle 2 by Amazon. The Kindle, and its successor are electronic readers that utilize a high contrast/low power screen technology called eInk. My interest in eReader technology dates back … Continue reading “Todays Geeky Gadget – Sony eReader”