Uber and UberX a Travelers Perspective

If your anything like me, you’ve probably only heard of a new ride sharing service called Uber from their exposure to irate European taxi drivers. It seems like every time I open the BBC newsreader app there is an article about a strike in London, Paris or New York by taxi drivers in protest of … Continue reading “Uber and UberX a Travelers Perspective”

Buy American – a Capitalist Alternative

I’ve been reading the ongoing debate on the inclusion of mandatory “Buy American” provisions in the stimulus bill. This sort of discussion always brings out the hard hit manufacturing states, and the usual choir of ‘Manufacturing in America is Dying’. Its annoying and disturbing – the arguments never change – and nothing is done to … Continue reading “Buy American – a Capitalist Alternative”

US Economy Meltdown – The Overlooked Cause

Reading the news today, we are awash in statistics and opinions regarding the current economic challenges in North America – specifically the United States. Its been called a “credit freeze”, a “Banking Crisis”, a “Crisis of Confidence”, and obviously the result of a summer-gone-wild attitude for sub-prime mortgages. I however believe the problem is more … Continue reading “US Economy Meltdown – The Overlooked Cause”