Todays Geeky Gadget – GE Cell Fusion

gecell.jpegSometimes I see or acquire a geeky gadget or piece of software that is just so cool, I have to share. Today I acquired what I consider my Geeky Gadget of the month: The GE DECT 6.0 Cell Fusion cordless phone.

We’ve all had Cordless phones for years – what makes this one so special? This cordless uses bluetooth to leverage your cell phone as a second phone line. So when I bring my iPhone home after a long day on the road I can place and answer cell phone calls using my cordless phone at home.

For the work@home guy (like me) this is immeasurably useful, it means I can leave my iPhone in its charging cradle, but not miss incoming calls. The bluetooth connection is seamless and doesn’t require user confirmation – in short – if its in range – it just works.

After years of hearing about convergence (and bluetooth), I finally have a working use case at home that is easy and convenient to use. The best part? The price, this GE cordless phone with 2 handsets was 99$ Canadian (~80$ USD) at my local “Telephone Booth“ store. If your in the US Circuit City carries this phone for 71.99$ USD.