Todays Geeky Gadget – Elgato Turbo .264

elgatoAs most avid readers know – I’m a geeky gadget collector. Heaven for me is trolling the Electronics shops looking for a deal that makes my life easier. Today I present to you the Elgato Turbo .264 USB Media Encoder Hardware. I picked this gadget up last week from the local Apple store for 99$ CDN (about 80$ USD).

What does it do? This USB key plugs into your Mac and enables encoding of video content in MPEG 4 with better speeds and lower processor utilization. The included software is easy to use, and works as advertised.

As a Intel Mac Owner with a large video collection, I’ve always been able to encode videos to MPEG4 using Quicktime Pro – unfortunately my CPU utilization would peg out at 100% making the MAC unusable for anything else till I was done. This device let me do the same encoding (for my iPhone or TV) but with 20% CPU utilization and no sacrifice in performance or quality.

If you have a Camcorder, Home Videos, or a large collection of Digital Video movies I highly recommend this device ¬†– ¬†take the plunge – you won’t be disappointed.