Todays Geeky Gadget – Sony eReader

Sony eReaderIf you’ve watched the technology news, or read the technology section of your newspaper at any time in the last month you’ve probably heard of the Kindle 2 by Amazon. The Kindle, and its successor are electronic readers that utilize a high contrast/low power screen technology called eInk.

My interest in eReader technology dates back to 2000 when I first started reading my favorite Science Fiction books on my PocketPC. I quickly hit the limits of the technology, battery life was terrible, selection of books was limited, and even worse reading  on a screen the size of a deck of cards gave me terrible headaches.

My Birthday is March 10th, and I wanted to treat myself to a tech gadget that would save me money, yet still be ‘cool’. Living in Canada the Kindle was off-the-table, Amazon just doesn’t sell them up here. Even if available, the Kindle is designed to only work with content from – something that doesn’t work for someone like me with a large pre-existing library of electronic book content.

Enter the Sony PRC-505, a new eReader from Sony. It features a eInk screen with a very high contrast ratio, incredible battery life (7500 page turns), its available in Canada, and most importantly works with books in many different formats. It also works on my Mac using a Open Source Library Manager called ‘Calibre’.

Words cannot describe my impression of the PRC-505s screen. Its easily sharper and easier on the eyes than most paperbacks. Combine that with the ability to zoom in/out, change fonts and I don’t think I’ll be going back to my 2 paperback a week habit.

If your a avid reader, pick this up, its inexpensive – the books are inexpensive – and it works. No headaches, no ‘out-of-battery’ problems – and best of all? 1000’s of books with you at all times.