Todays Geeky Gadget – HighPoint Raid 1740 on OSX

osxI’ve been a lover of Apple Computers for close to 15 years, but I’ve always been a little miffed by what is often called the ‘Apple Trap’. The Apple Trap is pretty much non-existant on the newer standards based Intel Based Macs – but is still in force for the last generation of G4 and G5 based Macs.

These older systems are still Leopard compatible, and perform very well for their age, but they often require expensive single purpose upgrades. Want a Raid Card? You will spend 100$ more than the same part on Intel. Want a video card? You will spend 200$ more than the same part on Intel. Want Sata? 150$ more than the same part on Intel.

With the ‘Apple Trap’ in mind, I was pleasantly surprised that HighPoint (makers of commodity hardware raid controllers for Intel based PC’s), have created OSX drivers (G4 compatible even) for many of their controllers. For 110$ CDN I was able to add 4 hardware RAID SATA ports to my 9+ year old Apple G4 Mac. Incredible, a machine that doesn’t support hard drives larger than 128GB now has 2+ Terrabytes of SATA hard drive goodness – and its FAST.

So for those of you with an old G4/G5 Mac – take a look at the Highpoint Raid controller.┬áMy old girl is running Leopard Server and acting as a very large (and fast) NAS server – and I didn’t have to pay the tax commonly called the ‘Apple Trap’.