Quitting Smoking

As many of my long term acquaintances and readers know I have for over 22 years been addicted to smoking Cigarettes. I smoked about 30 cigarettes a day.I would have a cigarette every hour or 2 throughout the day, and honestly I enjoyed it.

There was a time it was not only socially acceptable, but a great way to get face time with senior managers. Smoking, especially in IT, was a socially acceptable and popular past-time. I returned to a more consulting orientated role a few years ago, and found that had changed. At many clients, the number of smokers in an office could be measured on one hand, and almost never included senior management. In fact, it had become socially unacceptable, viewed with pity and scorn.

I finally had enough 3 months ago, and quit using Nicorette Lozenges. I haven’t had a cigarette since then, and will be having my last lozenge tomorrow (exactly 12 weeks after I started – per the instructions). For anyone else looking to quit I thought I’d post my notes on what helped me to quit:

  1. Tell anyone that will listen you are quitting, peer pressure helped start the habit, and peer pressure can help end it.
  2. When you are first quitting do not skimp on the lozenge or gum (1 every 1 to 2 hours at the beginning). Follow the instructions to the letter, and a higher nicotine dose in the beginning will help you later and increase your odds of quitting (counter initiative).
  3. Drink lots of water
  4. Start taking vitamins daily – especially vitamin C
  5. Start working out, starting with light exercise building to a more rigorous routine.
  6. If you can, start eating non-processed foods – make a rule – if you cook it – you can eat it.

I can attest, once your done the impact is significant. My blood pressure is down, my stamina has improved, and I’ve started to lose weight.