How to get the those amazing iPhone 5s Photos

iPhone5sThe iPhone 5s is a lovely piece of kit, and is generally very easy to use. One area of functionality I get a lot of questions about is the photo taking capabilities of the phone.

You’ve probably seen those lovely photos of people jumping off a dock where they seem to hover over the water? Or those photos of people of talking to each other that seem so natural? If you’ve tried to take photos like this you’ve probably run into issues with timing and staging – it just seems impossible to get the timing just right. The good news is the iPhone 5s includes a feature called burst mode – that is deceptively simple to use – if you know its there.

The secret? Hold down the shutter or take picture button in the iPhone’s camera app – this will take a burst of photos.

You’d be amazed at the quality of shots you can capture using this trick.