A New President Now What?

obamaOn November 4th, 2008 the United States of America elected their first Black President – and entered into a new era of political inclusion. After the hang overs have passed, and the pundits have danced many Americans are probably wondering “What Now?”.

The reality is the US is in serious trouble, they’ve had a decade of spending without the necessary increase in revenue. They’ve opened unpopular wars on two fronts, and doomed their economy by not regulating the banks that serve as its engine.

President Obama has a lot to fix and not much time. Here is the short list of things I hope Obama makes a priority:

  1. Improve the image of the US Abroad by closing Guantanamo Bay, ending the war in Iraq, and restoring the Civil Liberties that were eroded under George Bush.
  2. Implement regulation for Banks, Trade Unions, and Investment Banks for Credit Default Swaps and any instrument used for money creation.
  3. Implement an economic stimulus package for the Middle and Low class. 700 billion for Wall Street is crazy, zero dollars for main street is criminal.
  4. While health care is important, don’t let it blind you to the underlying problems in the US economy.

I wish Obama well, and offer my sincere congratulations on his great accomplishment. Obama – the world is watching – don’t let us down.