Vacation in Cuba

Just got back from a vacation in Cuba. I stayed in one of the new resorts outside of Santa Clara.

It really is a lovely country – but wow – backwards in so many ways:

1) Underemployment – visit the downtown core of any city @ 3:00pm and watch the crowds of people milling about.
2) Undersupplied – visit the shops (not the tourist ones – the ones for the locals) – the supply of goods is thin on the ground. A state store with 8 staff behind a small counter and 6 pairs of boots for sale? I’ve seen it.
3) The government is corrupt – the best dressed people in the country work for customs. Why is that? I can’t speak to the entire government – but there are clearly issues.

I’m hoping the establishment of relations with the United States will help them reform their economy – and that the freedoms and abundance we take for granted in the west will come to this little jewel of an island. I don’t think I’ll go back to Cuba, I think I’ll stick to the developed nations.